Home -sweet home- where we grew, where we formed impressions about this world, where we learned to love, and to live. Gift your family, the home you dreamt of, where your dreams will blossom and your future will be written. We offer Luxury at peace with Nature. The state of the art utilization of renewable energy sources and waste management techniques will render your home, a self sufficient unit, to a great extend. We, Sagar Constructions, proudly present our latest villa cluster-Naturae- to be launched near Technopark, Trivandrum. All these luxury villas have been designed in such a way that, it will cause minimum disturbance to the environment. The construction techniques, materials used, ventilation, lighting etc have been precisely planned and designed.  All these factors make our villas the perfect place for your family to dwell and share your joys and sorrows.


The plan, elevation, land area of these villas can be customized to suit your needs. All the amenities are available. The plot is located 4 km from Technopark campus and 4 km from Technopark Infosys campus. This project is located in a serene location and with tarred road with lorry access.